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American Griddle's patented Steam Shell technology brings solutions to your kitchen never before possible.

Unlike conventional griddles that have hot and cold spots, slow recovery, and extreme spikes in temperature, the Steam Shell Griddle offers perfect uniform temperatures across the entire cooking surface.

Plus, with the Steam Shell lid, your product is cooked from the top and bottom at the same time, retaining product moisture and reducing most cook times by up to 50%.

No matter where food is placed on the griddle, adjacent areas maintain exact temperature. With no hot or cold spots on the surface to cause varying cook times this griddle is very forgiving to inexperienced cooks.

More food can be cooked in the same amount of space, in half the time. In fact, a three foot Steam Shell can replace most six foot models in the field.

Surface Heating
The cooking surface on a Steam Shell Griddle operates on the basic principle that steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other method.  Therefore, circulating steam beneath the griddle plate is used to heat the cooking surface; not electric elements or gas burners that can cause temperatures to fluctuate by up to 100°F on the griddle surface, causing burning and fluctuating cook times.