Better Quality Food

Steam Shell technology actually improves food quality, as compared to food cooked on a conventional griddle or clamshell.  That’s right, our griddle improves food quality.
We’re not suggesting you’ve got bad recipes or don’t know how to cook; we’re merely pointing out that adding steam allows food to retain its natural flavor and moisture.  By doing so, you’re actually serving your customers with higher quality food.
Shrimp won’t over cook and serves crisp and hot.
Hamburgers are flavorful and retain their mouthwatering natural moisture.
Chicken breast never dries out and retains enough moisture to be cut with a
plastic fork.

Surface Heating
The cooking surface on a Steam Shell Griddle operates on the basic principle that steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other method.  Therefore, circulating steam beneath the griddle plate is used to heat the cooking surface; not electric elements or gas burners that can cause temperatures to fluctuate by up to 100°F on the griddle surface, causing burning and fluctuating cook times.
American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times