Consistent Cook Times
With the Steam Shell Griddle, foods are cooked to perfection every time! By providing a continuous and precise source of heat, the Steam Shell Griddle guarantees reliable and consistent cook times. Through our revolutionary steam heating process, surface temperatures never fluctuate, resulting in a steady and reliable source of heat all day long. With the consistent cook times offered by the Steam Shell Griddle, foods will always yield the same result regardless of the amount of product being cooked. This allows significant reductions in cook times while, also improving food quality and safety.

Our steam heated cooking surface offers instant temperature recovery, so the griddle surface temperature remains consistent across every square inch. Therefore, cook times and products will remain consistent throughout the day.
The Steam Shell lid system injects fresh steam to cook food from the top, in conjunction with the steam heated griddle surface. The consistent and even surface temperatures will greatly reduce under and overcooked waste.
Steam Grill It
When it’s Steam Grilled, your customers will know they’re getting the very best: better moisture retention, more flavor and consistent taste every time. Give them what they want; make it Steam Grilled.
American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times