Error Proof

The Steam Shell Griddle is designed to be error proof and dummy proof.  By coupling a cooking plate with exact temperature distribution and instant recovery, with a Steam Shell lid, all of the guess work is eliminated. Here's why:

Consistency. Cook times and results never vary, as the griddle replicates exacting temperatures all day long; no hot or cold spots can be found anywhere on the griddle surface.
No Drying Out. Food can’t be dried out because moisture envelopes the product throughout the cooking process. Leaving food on the griddle too long doesn’t result in waste or poor food quality.
Fast Cook Times. Cook times are reduced by as much as 50%; meaning that less food is managed on the griddle surface at one time, and cooks aren’t dealing with the stress of running behind during periods.

As strange as it seems, our griddle is actually just as well known for what it won’t do to your food, as for what it will do for your food.
Steam Grill It
When it’s Steam Grilled, your customers will know they’re getting the very best: better moisture retention, more flavor and consistent taste every time. Give them what they want; make it Steam Grilled.
American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times