Faster Cook Times

Circulating the heat source means you never have to worry about extreme drops or spikes in surface temperature.

Faster cook times are achieved on the Steam Shell Griddle, as both a steam heated surface and steam injection lid system work together to cook the food.  Here’s why:

Our steam heated cooking surface offers instant temperature recovery, so the griddle surface temperature remains consistent across every square inch.  Therefore, cook times can never be slowed by declining surface temperatures; a historical problem with conventional griddles.  
The Steam Shell lid system injects fresh steam to cook food from the top, in conjunction with the steam heated griddle surface.  The result is a reduction in cook times by as much as 50%; without damaging or drying the food.

Adding a Steam Shell griddle to your kitchen means that speed of service, table turnover and customer satisfaction can be drastically improved.

Steam Shell technology produces consistent results all day long, as temperatures remain accurate across the entire griddle surface. Food cooks in an ideal atmosphere with no hot or cold spots, making the griddle ideal for even the most inexperienced cooks.


American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times