Instant Recovery


As continuously circulating steam heat flows throughout the submersible heating elements, the entire surface of the Steam Shell Griddle is heated to a precise and uniform temperature. By preventing any type of recovery delays, oscillations, or temperature discrepancies, the Steam Shell Griddle offers true instant recovery.
Regardless of the amount of product being prepared, the Steam Shell Griddle maintains an accurate temperature.
Instant recovery means no extreme spikes or drops in surface temperature.

Temperature controller will always accurately reflect the actual temperature.


The instant recovery offered by the Steam Shell griddle will not only significantly reduce cook times but will also improve the overall food quality.
Steam Grill It
When it’s Steam Grilled, your customers will know they’re getting the very best: better moisture retention, more flavor and consistent taste every time. Give them what they want; make it Steam Grilled.
American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times