User Benefits
The Steam Shell Griddle offers benefits far beyond that of conventional griddles or any other grilling device currently on the market.
The Steam Shell lid system cuts cook times by as much as 50%, as food cooks from the top and bottom at the same time.

The presence of steam keeps natural moisture in the food, making drying and overcooking nearly impossible.

Food cooks in an ideal atmosphere with no hot or cold spots, making the griddle ideal for even the most inexperienced cooks.
The entire cooking surface is heated with circulating steam to insure perfect temperature distribution across the entire griddle.

Food always cooks in exacting time; you’ll always know the temperature.

Circulating the heat source means you never have to worry about extreme drops or spikes in surface temperature.
Surface Heating
The cooking surface on a Steam Shell Griddle operates on the basic principle that steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other method.  Therefore, circulating steam beneath the griddle plate is used to heat the cooking surface; not electric elements or gas burners that can cause temperatures to fluctuate by up to 100°F on the griddle surface, causing burning and fluctuating cook times.
American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times