About Us
Passion and innovation are the very essence from which the Steam Shell Griddle was born.   Developed with a passion for improving the way you cook, the Steam Shell Griddle is the result of more than a decade of research and development and a commitment to making the impossible a reality.
Operating under the notion that the griddle was the most primitive piece of equipment in the kitchen, our research team set out to develop a griddle that would actually enhance the food being served, as opposed to just cooking it. As research progressed, the use of steam proved to be the most effective means of enhancing flavor and ultimately became the gentle tool that has drastically reduced cook times.
By 1999, a time in which the unit was being produced by sister company Thermodyne, the griddle had received awards for innovation from the National Restaurant Association, International Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show, and the Electric Foodservice Council.  In September of 2003, American Griddle Corporation was created as its own entity, in an effort to streamline production and ultimately to launch the second generation of the Steam Shell Griddle. Once only available as a floor standing unit, the Steam Shell Griddle was made available as a counter-top griddle for the first time.
At American Griddle Corporation, we believe anything is possible and we’re proving it everyday with our award winning Steam Shell Griddle.  Offering both a steam heated griddle surface and a steam lid system, this griddle is truly one of a kind. Currently American Griddle manufactures six griddle models out of our Fort Wayne, IN manufacturing facility and markets the Steam Shell Griddle as part of the company's What's Your Temperature campaign.
Instant Recovery
In a competitive recovery test, when repeatedly loaded with ice on the same area of the griddle surface, American Griddle’s Steam Shell Griddle melted 3 pounds of ice in just 7 minutes, while competitive griddles only managed to melt 1.5 pounds. Even against a heavy load of ice, the Steam Shell Griddle continued to hold an accurate temperature, while conventional griddles suffer rapid decline, causing unpredictable temperatures across the cooking surface.


American Griddle Steam Shell Cook Times